The 4 basics to learn and do almost anything.
Written by Sam Ovens on Oct. 17th 2015
                                             The 4 basics to learn and do almost anything

1. Who do you listen to?

Generally you want to listen to people who have what you want, and have been where you are.
Listen to people who have shown that it works. They have the results you want.
But ultimately you listen to your self.
Even if the people who have what you want have not been where you are, you should still listen to them. But make sure to use information based upon where you are now and not where they are. For example: if someone who has trained for 1 year, thinks he wants to train the same way someone who has trained for 10 years does, that would probably be way to much.
But that person may design specific programs for the stage you are in, how long you have trained and based upon your shape/adaptation.

2. Teachability index

You got to be teachable, have an open mind.
How teachable you are can be determined by what you are willing to sacrifice and give up.
It is determined by your willingess to learn, and willingness to accept change.
Most of the information out there, is outside of our individual knowledge. Consider even the possibility of everything we dont know yet, we have to be teachable.

3. Training balance scale

                                                            Thougths and actions

There are two sides of the training balance scale, one is thoughts and the other is actions.

                         Thougths                                                   Actions
                          The why                                                   The how
            What goes on in the mind                       The physical follow up
                       Action step                                                      Goals
                       Techniques                                               Dreams/desires
                       Methods                                                     Imagination.
                           Skills                                                   The attitude/belief          
                          Work                                                          Spiritual
                     Put in practice                                              Motivation         
                       Application                                                    Purpose
                         Doing                                                            Vision

         What is most important?

The thoughts are the most important, it is what happens first and gives the energy and opportunity to do what you need to do.

4. 4 levels of learning

There are 4 steps to learning new information with the mind and body.

 1. Unconscious incompetent

You dont know what you dont know, at this stage you are not aware that you dont know what to do. Or you have not put any focus on it at all, within your conscious attention.

2. Conscious incompetent

At this point, you know know that you dont know, and is starting to learn and put focus upon what you want. In the area adressed to the learning process.

3. Conscious competent

You know that you know something and have to consciously apply it.      
4. Unconscious competent.

You get to unconscious competent, by doing something over and over again at the conscious competent level. Then it happens automaticly, almost effortlesly.

Examples of unconscious competent:

Tying the sholices. 
Driving or walking the same roads we have done before many times.
Performing an exercise the same way over and over again.
Habits and paradigm. (A multitude of habits.)
Thought patterns, what we think about and how we view things.

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