Written by Henrik Randgaard on Oct. 17th 2020
Here we explain how there are basicly four variables in training: The first three is volume, intenisty and frequency. pick two to priorotize in order to meet you're bodys demands for recovery. Progressive overload is the fourth wich is the increase you get over time in these dimensions and the weight itself.
Written by Henrik Randgaard on Oct. 12th 2020
Mindset is everything and to quote tim grover who has been the trainer of michael jordan to name but one: we are so focused at what happens from the neck down that we forget that it all starts up here (the mind). 
Written by Henrik Randgaard on Oct. 6th 2020
There are 4 basic concepts that are essential to follow to achieve almost anything. my niche is athletes and for me and them, it certantly is no different than any other niche you want to perfect that already exists atleast. the 4 basics include who do yo..
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